Be The Miracle That You Are

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Do you believe in miracles? You should, for if you are blessed with the gift of sight, every time you gaze into a mirror you are beholding a miracle. For the image you see reflects the gift of your existence, which is indeed a miracle.

Many believe God causes all miracles. But it is through us that God’s miracles become real. One example. Recently, the media carried a story of a father who lost control of his vehicle with three young children as passengers. The car had flipped over into icy waters. A police officer stopped and jumped into the water to help. Others jumped into the water as well. The father had gotten out, but the children were trapped in the car filled with water. Thankfully, the rescuers were able to free the children.

A miracle, one could say. I agree, but also point out that it was the rescuers who brought about the miracle. Their deed manifested the innate human desire to bring help to those in need.

When this story was aired on national television, it was combined with footage of what had happened earlier last year, when strangers gathered to lift a burning automobile off a man trapped underneath, and dragged him to safety.

Both of these occurrences were two dramatic instances of very visible people needing help, and others risking their lives to help.

And right here in Atlanta, many cry out for help. Their desperate needs are just as real as those we might see on our TV screens, but remain invisible because we choose not to see them or hear their cries for help.

A New Year. Take a long look into that mirror of yours, and ask yourself, what might you do to help create a miracle in someone’s life….

Rabbi Alvin Sugarman