Speaking of truth…

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Speak truth to power? Rather,

Speak truth to the powerless!

… Leonard Cohen, poet, singer/songwriter

The poor.

The very poor.

The homeless.

The rich.

The very rich.

The middle class.

No matter which category describes you best, remember there is one common link for each of us, and that link is our common humanity.

Think with me for a moment. Do you believe that by virtue of our humanity, we should each have as our birthright, a dignified human existence?

If so, then what about the poor and homeless among us. How often their socioeconomic status strips them of their dignity.

Truth to power?

Rather, truth to the powerless.

Leonard Cohen is correct when he reminds us of how important it is not only to speak truth to power, but as well, to speak truth to the powerless.

Imagine for just a moment that someone who is very poor or homeless comes up to you, quietly, and with every bit of dignity he or she can muster, looks straight into your eyes and simply requests of you, “Please. Please, speak the truth to me.”

What would you say…?