The Falcons and Our Homeless – Can They Both Win?

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There is a recent Mike Luckovich cartoon that has two panels. One depicts a newspaper with the headline, Retractable roof dome COST $1 BILLION PLUS.

The second panel shows a large cardboard box with a sign pasted on that reads ATLANTA HOMELESS. Inside the box a man is lifting one of the top flaps and saying A RETRACTABLE ROOF IS A MUST…

No one can drive home a point better than Mr. Luckovich.

A simple question for the GWCC Authority and the Atlanta Falcons:

Why not devote a portion of the additional revenue that the new stadium will generate toward affordable housing and helping alleviate the problems of our homeless?

I think I know what God’s answer would be.

I pray that those who could make it happen will.

Rabbi Alvin Sugarman