Bridging the Gap between Individual Failure and Community Loss

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During the past year, we have painfully observed several violent tragedies, perpetrated by individuals who felt they had failed miserably in life. They now seek revenge by fatally harming innocent people in communities surrounding them.

How do we deal with individual failures and move to protect innocent lives?

How do we bridge the gap between individual failure and community loss?

Let us consider the depression of these confused killers. Most have a warped sense of what is just, moral and fair. Think of those who destroyed innocent lives in Arizona, Florida, Colorado and New Jersey. They received no satisfaction after the irreversible reality of what they had done crashed in on them. Could it be that they are responding negatively to their long felt isolation from their peers and the larger community?

Yet, when failure comes to some people, they often feel it is totally unjustified, so they attempt to even the score by bringing suffering on innocent people.

Now I am not suggesting that we dismiss the burden of guilt from the perpetrators of these malicious deeds. Quite to the contrary, many are fully aware of their callous deeds, but show no apparent grief or remorse because of them.

But the question still haunts us. How do we show our children ways to deal with failure and loss, before their judgement is warped by hatred and the desire for revenge?

In my next blog, I will speak to issues of bereavement and suffering faced by the innocent. Is it possible to construct a bridge out of the sufferings around us?

Please share your thoughts with me.

Rev. Roberts