Creativity and Caring Thinking

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I was in Quincy, Illinois this past weekend and happened to tune in to an NPR station in Springfield that was airing a show called “The Ted Radio Hour.” During the segment I heard a story about someone who was in the room where a child was being placed in a MRI apparatus. If you’ve ever been in such a machine, you will remember the incredibly loud, almost like a jackhammer banging, that occurs when the technician takes the images. This child became so frightened of the loud noises that the hospital personnel called for an anesthesiologist to come and sedate her.

After this horrifying experience for the child concluded, one of the people there decided there must be a better way to help the children who have to undergo this type of exam.

The end result of their caring, creative thinking was as follows: When a child comes in the room they are now told that either they are about to enter a pirate ship or a space ship. All the staff and the MRI technicians totally dress for their special roles. The children are told of the loud noises they will encounter on the pirate ship or that when they are in outer space the ship captain will have to hit ‘hyper-speed’ and every time that happens there will be very loud noises….

As one little boy emerged from the MRI tube, he exclaimed, “Mom did you see how fast I was going?!!!

The changes for the children undergoing the MRI tests are nothing short of wonderful. Creative, caring thinking can engender positive change, in our personal lives and in the problems our community faces. Perhaps there are solutions within you just waiting to be released by your creative juices!