Shameful Chapter and the Perspective of Abraham

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Eight days ago, we were reminded that deep-seated racism is still alive. It lifted its ugly head, when a plane landed in Atlanta on Friday, Feb. 8th.

Jessica Bennett was holding her 19month-old-son, trying to comfort him. He was extremely uncomfortable because he felt unexplainable pressure and pain in his little ears. Naturally he could not be consoled.

Joe R. Hundley was seated near Mrs. Bennett. His impatience and resentment intensified, when the baby’s crying didn’t stop. Furthermore, the little fellow was of mixed linage. His mom and dad were Caucasian, he was African American.

Hundley leaned over to the mother, and said, “Get that (epithet) baby to stop crying and screaming.” Mrs. Bennett couldn’t believe her ears, “I beg your pardon, what did you just say to me?” Hundley repeated what he said, using the same insulting epithet, despised by civilized people black and white.

But, the story is not over. Hundley adds insult to injury, by slapping the little fellow. Witness saw the whole episode. She shoved him out of her space.

This is Black History month, but some are still writing shameful racist chapters in our nation. But it is encouraging to note that his employer would not tolerate this despicable behavior. Hundley was fired immediately by his company, not put on administrative leave until things cooled off. Good!

But let us look at the brighter side this incident demonstrated: the adoptive parents of this little boy.

We know mothers usually keep their children, after birth, but where are the fathers? The little fellow is fortunate to have a mother and a father supporting.

A few years ago in 2006, there were 12.5 million children without fathers in the USA. Some fathers were widowers, divorced, deserters or dead, but 66% of all children were parented by single mothers.

Parenthood, including adoption allows us to work with God, by nurturing many children, who belong to our human family. They are all our relatives.

Check this out: (Genesis 17:4-6) God agrees not only to make Abram the father of one nation, but of a multitude of nations. “I am changing your name. It is no longer Abram (Exalted Father) but Abraham, (Father of Nations) for that is what you will be.”

Adoptive and natural parents- there is an Africa word, Amachi — translated “Who knows what destiny lies in this child.” You’re dead wrong Hundley.

One day Jesus said we dare not offend (hurt) a little child, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. In God’s kingdom all are equal and none are to be put to shame. May Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

— Rev. Joe Roberts