Reflections on 9/11 and a Prayer

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Before I write another word I must say that on this twelfth anniversary of 9/11 and the marking of one year since Benghazi, it is well to take a moment to remember all the victims and their families.

Somehow, may their lives not have been lost in vain, and hopefully we have learned something more about ourselves as a species, and the terror that some of our fellow homo sapiens can bring about. May our resolve to reduce the hatred that exists in our world be strengthened by the memory of those lost to the violence bred by hatred of the other!

I also pray that a diplomatic solution can be found to the crisis in Syria. But if not…??? The blood of my Syrian brothers and sisters cries out from the ground.

God, please give our leaders and their counterparts the wisdom they will need to do what you, God, would want your children to do.