I Believe You Will Live Again

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“Does the human being think that he will be left without purpose?

Was he not a drop of sperm emitted?

Then he became a clinging clot that God made and fashioned with proportion;

And made from it two sexes, male and female.

Has God not the power to give life to the dead?”

Qur’an 75:36-40

So many today seem to doubt the reality, or even the possibility, of life after death. We are so engrossed and enamored by the material life that many of us can’t seem to fathom anything else. Yet, most of us know we are so much more than skin, bones, blood, cars, and houses; that we all have a spirit or soul that is more inherently us than is our flesh, and that spirit is our true essence.

Oftentimes, we are conscious of that spirit leaving the body, in our thoughts, imaginations, dreams, and anticipations. We can move back into the past, up into the future, and through apparent barriers in the present while our bodies remain stagnant. Do we really think that the death of our lesser selves requires the demise of our greater self?

And why does it matter? When one accepts that life doesn’t end with death, your perspective of the life on this side broadens and deepens. The mad pursuit for the immediate, the temporal, the superficial, and the egotistical subsides. When we embrace the faith that this life is connected and interwoven into the next, and how we live here affects our circumstances in the next life, then our efforts here become more authentic and altruistic.

The verses above bring to mind the unimaginable wonder of human life development which we take for granted, but if a sperm drop can become a man and a women, and it certainly does, how can I intelligently reject the possibility of life beyond death. Of course, it would be difficult to describe life in this world to a baby still in it’s mother’s womb: ‘there’s going to be air, light, food, and people who love you out there’, ‘yeah, sure’. But there is, and thank God that nature gets the baby prepared.

The gift of free-will and choice obligates us to get ourselves ready for the life beyond. And we do so by choosing to live upon those principles that are essential, yet transcendent, such as Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Mercy, and Peace.

You will live more than once. May you believe it and make the most of this life and harvest the best of the next.

Submitted by Imam Plemon T. El-Amin