Woody (Albert) Woodroof

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WWoodroff1Individuals interested in charitable giving can accomplish their goals in a variety of ways. They may give directly to a nonprofit, give through an investment institution or even establish a foundation of their own. Donors who choose to give through The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta express multiple reasons for doing so, including our grantmaking expertise, community knowledge and quality services. For Woody Woodroof, The Community Foundation provided the convenience and flexibility he needed in a charitable vehicle.

Four years ago, the Woodroof family set up four donor-advised funds at The Community Foundation after the sale of their company, Spectrum Stores. “We didn’t have a family foundation so we needed a way for multiple individuals to give. At the same time, we all had differing charitable ideas, many undeveloped, so that was necessary to consider as well. While it was a good time to establish a fund tax-wise, we were still developing our philanthropic interests and what organizations we wanted to support.

“We met with Foundation staff and discussed how The Community Foundation could provide the services we needed. It was important that everyone be able to make their own decisions regarding which nonprofits to support. We also wanted the flexibility of waiting to recommend grants when we were ready. The desire to give was certainly there but we needed time to let our ideas develop, identify our interests and discover how we could connect them to our giving.

“After learning more about the Foundation, we felt it was a good fit for us. Each family could give as they saw fit and take our time in identifying organizations. What’s more, funds are pooled and invested so they grow over time, providing us more resources with which to make a difference. The Community Foundation offered us the right amount of flexibility and leeway. I was also impressed with the staff and knew from reputation they were a well-run organization. For us, it’s been a good investment.

“I’ve always felt if you are fortunate to be able to give, you should. When the time came for us to approach charitable giving at a deeper level, The Community Foundation was there to help us figure out how to do that. We like that we can approach philanthropy in a way that’s right for us and are given the freedom to learn and grow along the way. Because we live in different places, have different interests and all view giving a little differently, it’s great to have a resource like the Foundation. It’s simple, flexible and adapts to fit your individual needs.”