“I Know How to Be Where I Am”

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I am not exactly certain where I encountered the title of this message.

To the best of my recollection, I was with a small group of friends and we were talking about the incredible fast pace of living that touches so many of our lives today. Add to that the insane pace, the constant pulls of our techno gadgets, and the abundance of smart phone and tablet apps — it is no wonder that some of us have lost touch with the here and now of our existence. The fact that I am uncertain of where I came across the title quote of this piece makes me guilty of the very sin that I am discussing.

If I had been present to the moment when I first heard the words, “I know how to be where I am,” I would remember where I was and who I was with.

I do remember during our conversation, however, someone telling me that they had a friend who was about as stress-free as anyone could ever be. This person told my friend that her secret to a stress-free life was, “I know how to be where I am.”

Think with me for a moment. Let us imagine a typical day in our lives. Do you and I genuinely know how to be where we are at any given moment? Imagine how enriching it could be if we fully experienced the threads of the tapestry of our unfolding lives.

Join me please, if you will, on being more present to each moment we are alive.

There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, nor even a today, there is only the now. (a Zen Master)