Mentoring Young People

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CarterBoysAwards_comp_1Through their organization, Brother to Brother, Coach Carter and his brother work with student athletes in Vine City, Bankhead and the Herndon Home area teaching them adaptive life skills as they transition from middle school to high school to college. They recently applied for and received a grant through the Neighborhood Fund to host a softball academy for kids ages 12-17 including coaches from Clark Atlanta and Spelman College. The youth participated in free clinics and team-building exercises and practiced etiquette skills while also learning from college coaches what is expected of a collegiate athlete.

As a health education teacher at Kennedy Middle School in Atlanta, Coach Carter has a long history of community leadership through his work coaching middle school students and through his one-on-one mentorship of young African American males. As he says, “To be an effective leader you have to be able to come back to your community and give back.”

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