2016-2018 Strategic Plan

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Atlanta Prospers with Philanthropy

Atlanta prospers with philanthropy – it’s vital to our past, present and future. There are critical issues in our community that must be addressed, and we need strong philanthropists to help us solve them. The Community Foundation is uniquely positioned to be a philanthropic hub for our region.
This is why the Community Foundation team, including our board, staff and stakeholders, spent much of 2015 developing a robust and ambitious strategic plan that will drive our work from 2016 to 2018. Our knowledge of solution-based programs, combined with the resources our donors entrust to us, are a powerful force for good that will continue to help Atlanta move forward. Building on 65 years of best practices and regional expertise, our new strategic plan will catapult us forward to be recognized as the most trusted resource for growing philanthropy to improve communities throughout Atlanta.
We are helping our region give more so that our region can BECOME more. Learn more about how Atlanta prospers with philanthropy and our strategic plan stories and goals here.