Lynn Wentworth’s Story

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Today Lynn can devote a great deal of energy toward her giving, recently retiring from a 20 year, successful corporate career. In fact, the former chief financial officer first became involved with The Community Foundation as a board member on the investment committee. “Being on the Board, I have seen the breadth of issues The Community Foundation tackles, and how it brings together multiple parties to solve issues no organization can solve alone. It has motivated me to figure out how I can be a part of that,” says Wentworth.

Lynn decided to establish a donor-advised fund because of its flexibility and her focused charitable interests. Through her fund, named in honor of her two grandmothers, she is supporting organizations that help educate and empower women and communities. “Education can make a huge difference in how people take care of themselves. There are so many places in the world where women are left behind,” she says. “I am grateful to be able to share the gifts I’ve been given,” she adds.

The mother of two daughters who are both artists, Lynn is also passionate about ensuring a vibrant, well-supported arts community. She also continues to explore additional interest areas through her philanthropy like affordable housing and land preservation.