Succession Planning Innovation Speeds Nonprofit Effectiveness

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CFGA-FB-icon_white_3The Community Foundation recently partnered with BoardSource on an innovative succession planning project for nonprofits that is already attracting national attention and replication interest.

Early, thoughtful planning, especially for the retirement of a long-term leader, is vital for the stability and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. Yet our research showed that only 30% of nonprofits in the Atlanta region have succession plans in place.

In response, we created a six-month program entitled, “Embrace the Future: Succession Planning for Nonprofit Organizations” because we wanted participants and their organizations to view this as an opportunity to advance their work and continue their organizations’ journeys. We brought together a cohort of 15 nonprofit executives and board leaders for four face-to-face training sessions and individual coaching, designed to help them develop robust succession plans, which every participant accomplished.

Learn more about this program and the importance of succession planning for sustainable nonprofits in the full article here. The Community Foundation and BoardSource will also hold a special webinar for nonprofit leaders and board members on Tuesday, June 14 at 1 pm. Register here.