Higher Ground Group reunites for friendship luncheon

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Formed in 2010 by the Community Foundation, the Higher Ground Group was born of a unique relationship between four long-time Atlanta faith leaders, the Rev. Joanna Adams, imam Plemon El-Amin, the Rev. Joseph Roberts and Rabbi Alvin Sugarman. For nearly five years, through weekly blogs, community events and media appearances, these dynamic, and opinionated, friends spoke with a collective voice helping to raise awareness and inspire action.

When Rev. Roberts passed away, the group felt the time was appropriate to end their formal, collective efforts as a group. This week, they reunited in a panel discussion at the Interfaith Community Initiatives’ First Annual Friendship Lunch to celebrate friendships that cross boundaries, from race and faith, to age, ethnicity and gender. Our own Alicia Philipp moderated the panel and, as always, the audience was treated to a lively interaction.