A day to celebrate philanthropy

Mendal Bouknight, VP philanthropy Community, Nonprofits, Philanthropic Resources 0 Comments

On November 1, the Community Foundation was proud to be the title sponsor for National Philanthropy Day. This annual event presented by the Association for Fundraising Professionals is a day to celebrate generosity, passion and impact.

By 2040 Atlanta is projected to have eight million residents, a 30-percent growth over today. Now, more than ever, we need to solidify the role of philanthropy in providing a healthy, sustainable, viable and vibrant community for all residents.

Our region faces some immense challenges, specifically around the opportunity gap. We all believe and want every Atlantan to achieve his or her highest potential. We need to continue to build a community that is just, equitable, fair and offers opportunity to all.

With growth comes challenges, and philanthropy is a key pillar that will help tackle today’s needs and provide future opportunity. Philanthropy works shoulder-to-shoulder with government, business, nonprofits and civic organizations to tackle the hard work that’s necessary for prosperity and for closing the gap of inequality.

Two generous philanthropists were honored at National Philanthropy Day this year, Lucy Vance as Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year and Chris Carlos as Philanthropist of the Year. Both Lucy and Chris talked about how giving back was a family value. They learned to prioritize giving by watching their parents in action.

I’ve attended enough of these events that I vividly recall when Chris’ father, Michael C. Carlos, was honored in 1992. I also had the privilege to work with his mother, Thalia Carlos, and I hold her in high esteem for her quiet, yet significant, approach to philanthropy.

At the Community Foundation, sharing values and philanthropic giving are often a family affair for our donors too. Some are laser focused on their giving, while others are on a journey that is evolving.

At National Philanthropy Day we debuted a video that illustrates the path many philanthropists take to map out their journey. You can find it here, and I hope it will inspire others to map their course for giving back to those who need it most, in our region and beyond. Let’s make every day, philanthropy day, we’re happy to help you map your path.