Extra Wish: In this season of thanks, grant a wish!

Erin Dreiling Philanthropic Resources, Publications 0 Comments

One of the Foundation’s most popular donor opportunities is Extra Wish, which allows donors to fund the “wishes” of nonprofits across our region. Donors choose gifts as individuals or engage their families in the decision-making process. The wishes are tangible items that the nonprofit needs, but may not have the discretionary funds to include in annual budgeting. You get to step in and grant this special wish!

Featuring 25 different wishes, from microchips that reunite lost pets with their loved ones, to pointe shoes for aspiring ballerinas, there is something in our 2016 Extra Wish catalog that will help unite your passion with purpose. Check your mailbox for your copy, or take a look at the electronic version here.

Our goal is to have 100% of wishes granted by January 1, 2017. Will you help? Reach out to your philanthropic advisor or a member of our philanthropy team now.