Journey through 2016 with our Annual Report

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“Our 2016 annual report shines a light on some of the philanthropists, nonprofits and community initiatives that make our region thrive.” – Alicia Philipp, president

We like to say that the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is a philanthropic GPS. Why? Because no matter where you are with your philanthropy or where you want to go, we can help you get there. In the pages of our Annual Report, you will hear stories about how we did that in 2016 for our donors and through our programs. So, tie on your favorite sneakers and take a stroll through 2016 with us. Discover how we helped improve access to healthcare for students in Clayton County, helped donors turn their hard work into giving back and enabled wealth advisors to experience the joy of philanthropy. We hope you enjoy the journey. We sure did. Read the report here.

Expanded report available online
Do you love delving into numbers? Then our expanded 2016 Annual Report is for you! It features unaudited in-depth financial information, including details on gifts from our generous donors, grants and investments. In 2016, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta:

  • Distributed $125 million in grants and support to 2,400 nonprofits
  • Received $135 million in gifts from our generous donors, including 54 new funds
  • Reached approximately $955 million in assets