What’s your legacy?

Nikonie Brown Philanthropic Resources 0 Comments

Many of our donors have an active donor-advised fund for their charitable giving as well as a planned gift that designates funds to preserve their legacy into the future. There are a number of ways you can include the Community Foundation in your estate planning:

  • Make a bequest directly to the Community Foundation in the form of a stated dollar amount or percentage of the estate to enable the Foundation to respond to important community needs as they arise.
  • Include assets such as retirement plans, life insurance policies or property in a planned gift.
  • Designate proceeds from your estate to any or all of these purposes, divided as you wish.

You can also establish a customized plan for the succession of your fund and the addition of a planned gift:

  • A designated fund ensures that funds are directed to specific nonprofits.
  • A field of interest fund ensures support to a specific interest area such as animal welfare, children’s cancer research or middle school education.
  • Funds from your estate can transfer into a donor-advised fund for your successor advisors to be allocated to nonprofits at their discretion.
  • Funds can be designated for unrestricted grantmaking and unrestricted operating at the Community Foundation to enable the Foundation to address the most urgent needs of the community.

Interested in making the Community Foundation a beneficiary of your estate? Have you named the Community Foundation in your estate plans already? Please notify your philanthropic officer. They are happy to work with you to create a plan for your legacy and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

For questions about our planned giving services, please contact Christy Eckoff at 404.588.3183 or ceckoff@cfgreateratlanta.org.