Family ensures son’s legacy through charitable giving

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Jennifer and Glenn Caracappa have supported various charities since they were in college largely due to Jennifer’s stepdad who always encouraged philanthropy and matched his words with deeds and generosity. It was, therefore, a natural step for them when, after the sudden and tragic death of their son, Connor, Jennifer and Glenn took the money that had been set aside for Connor’s college fund and established the Connor Caracappa Fund with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

Jennifer and Glenn have made many donations over the years from Connor’s fund. The only guideline they follow in deciding where the gifts should go is the thought that Connor would ‘approve’ – that he might have felt some connection to the group receiving the donation. This typically means giving to groups that help children and/or adolescents – organizations like schools, hospitals, sports groups, social groups and faith organizations that serve young people.

Recently, Jennifer and Glenn had the great honor of supporting the Dunbar Broncos Basketball Team (Connor loved basketball) by funding out-of-state travel expenses for two teams to Knoxville, Tennessee for a basketball tournament. Both of the teams won their games! Their coach sent a heartfelt thank you note – including many pictures – and shared the boys’ success and excitement. Coach Ricky said the Caracappas, along with the Community Foundation, “helped these inner city, underprivileged kids get the same chances and exposure as other kids in our city.” He felt they had life experiences on this trip that they otherwise would have missed.

Jennifer and Glenn feel grateful their son has a legacy that lives on even after his loss. He would definitely ‘approve’ of this special outing and be pleased these young men had the opportunity to experience success on an even playing field. The Caracappas feel that giving back to a community they love through a fund established in their son’s honor and memory has been a wonderful blessing.