Irma – Give to help

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Hurricane Irma has torn through the Caribbean, Florida and Georgia, leaving a wake of devastation in its wake. In the Caribbean, survivors are hungry and badly in need of relief and supplies. Florida evacuees are still spread throughout the southeast, and many will return to damaged or destroyed homes and a community that will need to be rebuilt.

Though weakened, Irma continues on its path. Our hearts go out to all of those touched by this terrible storm and those that will feel its affects in the coming days.

The Community Foundation developed the list of nonprofit organizations below to help you make the most impact with your giving now. These vetted nonprofits are helping Irma’s victims with immediate needs, or will help with the rebuild efforts in coming weeks. We will add to this list in the coming days and will continue to share how you can be of help.

Donors – To make a gift, contact your philanthropic officer, linked below, or contact anyone on our philanthropy team.

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