Las Vegas tragedy

Erin Dreiling News 0 Comments

When news of a tragedy like that which took place in Las Vegas hits, our first thoughts are always of the victims. The children who have lost their parents. The mothers who have lost sons. The fathers who have lost daughters. The lost brothers, sisters and friends. The wounded and the community that faces grief together.

Our second thoughts are for the helpers – the first-responders, the caring strangers, the nonprofits on the ground working and the philanthropists who give of themselves to provide for others. In them, we see the best of humanity. It is through coming together in our worst times that we survive, and thrive, and recover.

Below is a list of organizations working to aid the victims and families of the Las Vegas shooting. For more ideas of how to help, please contact your philanthropic officer.

Photo credit: Joseph Hunkins via Flickr (Creative Commons)