MailChimp Community College: Connecting corporate passion with local purpose

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“No other company has taken their employees in so deep a journey into community knowledge and philanthropy. It was such a phenomenal opportunity to see those people light up and argue about equity.” Alicia Philipp, as quoted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

The Community Foundation has recently wrapped up an innovative partnership with MailChimp, a dynamic and growing Atlanta-based business that is the world’s largest marketing automation platform.

Since its earliest days, MailChimp has been a company committed to giving back – to its employees and to the community it calls home, Atlanta. The company values employee education and development, and approached the Community Foundation about developing MailChimp Community College – a 15-week, hands-on series of expert lectures, panels and site visits around the subject of equity in our community. Civic leaders, community organizers, nonprofit executives and seasoned philanthropists addressed topics like education, infrastructure and poverty for the cohort of 12 employees selected for the program.

Each session aimed to educate the cohort leading up to a literal payoff – $200,000 in grantmaking was entrusted with the group to award at the end of the 15 weeks. Each participant got to make a small grant to one of the 13 nonprofits that had been part of the learning sessions and collectively the group voted on larger grants to three organizations: Georgia Justice Project received $102,500, Raising expectations received $36,119 and Partnership for Southern Equity was awarded $26,381.

MailChimp Community College marked an amplification of the work they have been doing to give back to the community, their impact has totaled more than $4.4 million over the last four years with contributions to 120 different organizations.

We were pleased to work with the Atlanta Business Chronicle on an article about the program, here (subscriber access only).