End-of-Year Giving

Nikonie Brown Philanthropic Resources 0 Comments

Now is the time to speak with your professional advisors and discuss how you might benefit from opportunities created by the current tax laws. Whether your plans involve conversations with other family members, estate plans or dealing with complex transfers, the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is here to streamline charitable giving opportunities well before December 31.

Currently there is great uncertainty around tax reform and what that means for the value of your charitable deductions. Many of the current proposals, while keeping the charitable deduction, dramatically reduce the value to you of your charitable gift. With the current tax rates and capital gains rates, charitable giving this year gives you a great bang for your buck!

With the historic highs in the stock market, there is no better time to maximize your charitable giving. Gifts of appreciated securities are given a fair market value for charitable tax deduction purposes.

Please reach out to your philanthropic officer (Erin Boorn, Barrett Krise, Staci Lynch or Kathleen Wagner) if you need assistance adding to your fund or making a grant. If you and your advisors need additional help as you consider your tax planning and charitable gift options, Christy Eckoff, our director of gift planning, is available. Christy can provide input on any charitable tax planning issues including business interests, privately-held assets, real estate, gifts of securities, real estate or other assets. You can reach Christy at 404.588.3183 or ceckoff@cfgreateratlanta.org.