Make an Extra Wish come true – our exclusive donor catalog is in mailboxes now!

Erin Dreiling Philanthropic Resources 0 Comments

Which wish will you grant this holiday season? Will it be binoculars for young bird-watchers? Will it be work boots for refugees new to Atlanta? How will you make a dream come true this year?

One of our most popular donor offerings is our Extra Wish opportunity catalog. In its pages, you will find the “wishes” of vetted nonprofits in our region. Each wish represents something tangible the nonprofit needs, but which they do not necessarily have the discretionary funds to purchase. These are wishes that keep people warm, enhance learning and bring joy. Whether you choose to fund washing machines or blankets, in Extra Wish you will find the power to make someone’s life better. Our hope is to have 100% of these wishes granted by January – will you help? View Extra Wish now.