Experience the superpower of philanthropy with our 2017 Annual Report

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This year, our Annual Report was inspired by the superheroes and supergroups we work with every day and the impact they make using philanthropy. Black Panther, Superman, Wonder Woman – you’ve seen the movies and read the comic books. But not all heroes have X-ray vision and wear capes. This report celebrates the incredible people, organizations and community leaders who put their power and influence to work for good in our region. For each of those trying to make a difference, the Community Foundation is here as a collaborator, facilitator, partner and vehicle.

Click here to read the 2017 Annual Report.

Highlights from 2017 include:

“The stories illustrated in our annual report show the power of tremendous collective impact in a year’s time. But at its core, the work of philanthropy in Atlanta is happening one family at a time, one pair of glasses at a time and one innovative solution at a time.”
– Alicia Philipp, president

You can find our 2017 Annual Report and more here!