Building a superhero culture: MailChimp Community College

Nikonie Brown Community, Publications 0 Comments

Known for its superpowers in the marketing automation world, Atlanta-based MailChimp is helping its employees discover the power of philanthropy through a partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. The two organizations joined forces in 2017 to launch MailChimp Community College to encourage MailChimp’s employees to move beyond the office walls and do good in their community.

MailChimp has always given back at the corporate level, but its leaders recognized it needed the Foundation’s knowledge of the city and philanthropic expertise to provide an innovative curriculum focused on Atlanta’s stark income inequity. MailChimp’s 15-week Community College program is now educating its employees in the role philanthropy can play in closing Atlanta’s unconscionable equity gap. Through the program, groups of employees are given a deeper understanding of local issues, as well as insight into the day-to-day work of nonprofits. The Community Foundation’s curriculum also teaches all the nuts and bolts to both evaluate and award competitive grants.

MailChimp’s partnership with the Community Foundation is endowing employees with the knowledge to become tomorrow’s community heroes.

IMPACT: MailChimp knows the importance of investing in local nonprofit organizations and gave the cohort a hands-on opportunity to make an impact at the end of their learning journey. The members of the inaugural MailChimp Community College class granted a total of $200,000 to the Georgia Justice Project, Partnership for Southern Equity and Raising Expectations.

This story was originally shared in our 2017 Annual Report. To read the full report, click here.