Community foundations have no interest other than to serve

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The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta sent the following letter to the New York Times’ business writer David Gelles, in response to his August 3, 2018 article, “How Tech Billionaires Hack the Taxes with a Philanthropic Loophole.”


Let us set the record straight.

At a time when charitable giving is at an all-time high we are dismayed by recent stories of abuse of this most enduring American tradition: charity. The headlines sensationalize a caricature of greed and self-serving behavior and imply that these practices are widespread, when in fact, they are not!

This is not who the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has ever been, and this is not who our donors are. Our donors are hard-working fellow residents of our beloved community who give of their good fortune with the purpose to help those less fortunate – to strengthen communities through arts, development, education, health and making nonprofits even more effective.

Yes, it’s true – donor-advised funds offered by giant financial firms have never had a purely charitable purpose and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation retains that virtue in name only, having strayed from its community mission years ago.

Our community foundation is not a financial institution offering charitable solutions to make a profit. Every dollar we manage has its origins in the generosity of our donors and every dollar we are entrusted with goes to benefit our community.

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta is a public charity serving our Atlanta region for almost 70 years. We were born of the generosity of the residents for this great region and we are proud to play a part in making our region better.

We serve no other calling than the well-being and prosperity of all those who call this region home. We have no other interest than that of the community we serve. We invite you to take a look at this 90-second video summarizing the work we did in 2017 on our homepage at, and this op-ed by respected journalist and editor of Georgia Trend magazine, Ben Young, on August 1, 2018:

Alicia Philipp, President and Chief Executive Officer

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta