Community Foundation staff continues to Share the Love

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The Community Foundation kicked off 2019 employee engagement activities with the return of Share the Love, which gives each department an opportunity to do something special for the rest of the staff. This year’s edition of Share the Love was different, with all the activities taking place in one week instead of over the month of February.

February 11: Marketing and Communications

The marketing and communications team helped staff beat a case of the Mondays with sweet treats and even sweeter tunes from musician Lance Price. Staff members also received affirmation cards and were encouraged to share what makes them awesome!

February 12: Community

Next, the community team set up a cupcake bar, followed by a game of White Elephant. Staff had a great time trading and “stealing” gifts that caught their eye.

February 13: Philanthropy

The philanthropy team took time in the middle of the week to remind staff that they are the key to the heart of Atlanta’s philanthropy. In addition to a shoutout on the wall, staff received delicious cookie cake and ATL keychains. If a recipient’s keychain had a heart on it, they received a prize.

February 14: Achieve Atlanta

Achieve Atlanta got in on the fun by setting up stations for staff to create handmade valentines. Once the valentines were created, they were dropped into bags with each staff member’s name on them. At the end of the day, each person’s bag was delivered to their desk.

February 15: Capacity

The finance and operations team closed out the week with a French fry and potato bar! Staff enjoyed fries, tater tots and other potato-related foods, along with potato-themed trivia!

Activities like Share the Love allow staff to bond with their colleagues in a fun and creative way. It also shows the importance of employee engagement activities. We look forward to more fun and engaging experiences this year!