Mailchimp Community College participants leverage their learning

Alyssa Cobbs Community 0 Comments

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta recently wrapped up the second cohort of Mailchimp Community College, a unique partnership between Mailchimp and the Foundation to help employees discover the power of philanthropy while learning more about the region. In May, Mailchimp employees awarded $203,000 in grants to regional nonprofits on the front line of increasing equity of opportunity in the Atlanta region.

In each session, participants heard from Foundation staff, leaders of nonprofits, thought leaders, public and elected officials and community members. Sessions included:

  • Atlanta’s Equity Gap
  • Equity in Education: Achieving the Dream of Post-Secondary Education
  • The Social Determinants of Health
  • Equitable Development Without Displacement
  • Transportation Equity – Access for All?
  • Atlanta’s Immigrants and Refugees: A Story of Resilience and Triumph
  • Civic Power through Engagement and Advocacy

In addition to these topics, cohort members explored how to utilize their time, talent, treasure and ties to influence critical issues facing our community.

Fourteen nonprofits were invited to apply for Community College grants. Although all walked away with a small grant for their participation, competitive grants were awarded to ACLU of Georgia, Amani Women Center, El Refugio, New American Pathways and Ser Familia. Additionally, each Mailchimp Community College Participant was able to direct $2,500 to the applicant of their choice.

The impact of this partnership is both immediate in its investments in the region’s nonprofit organization, and in the engagement of current and future civic leaders for our community. Mailchimp’s commitment to equity and inclusion, aligned with the Community Foundation’s bold, innovative community leadership is making a increasing philanthropy for all that call our region home. Together, we are here for good and we are here to do good.