Book Club: March: Book One

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by Nikonie Brown, marketing administrative assistant

While black history is important to me year-round, I like to spend extra time in February watching movies and documentaries or reading books about prominent figures in black history. After a colleague mentioned that Congressman John Lewis had a series of graphic novels, I was immediately interested.

The March trilogy is about the Civil Rights Movement told through Lewis’ perspective. In Book One, Lewis begins his story with his childhood on his family’s farm in Alabama. After returning from a trip with his aunt and uncle to Buffalo, New York, where he saw black and white people living unsegregated, he doesn’t feel the same about his home. Something as “normal” as riding the school bus reminded Lewis of the different treatment between black children and white children.

The story continues with more moments that inspired Lewis’ interest in civil rights, such as Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka and the murder of Emmitt Till, and moments that he participated in, such as the Nashville sit-ins.

I’ve learned about key moments in the Civil Rights Movement my whole life, but it was amazing to see the words of someone who lived through it come to life so vividly through the graphic novel. I can’t wait to read Books Two and Three!