Muffin momentum gives back

Erin Dreiling Community, News 0 Comments

For the past five years, muffins have become a tasty catalyst for giving on National Muffin Day. The philanthropic holiday is coming up this Sunday, March 1. Why muffins? Because they are a simple, kind and thoughtful treat. People across the U.S. are encouraged to bake muffins and hand them out to support people experiencing homelessness in their cities, while also generating awareness and financial gifts. Over 1,000 Muffinteers (those are muffin volunteers) have baked more than 15,000 muffins in more than 35 cities, helping to raise tens of thousands of dollars for homelessness. Past muffin momentum has even made it into Forbes and CNN. The organization is working to make 2020 its most memorable, meaningful and magical yet.

Do you want to participate in Atlanta’s 2020 muffin madness? There are several simple ways:

  1. Bake! You can do it at home or with others in your community by signing up at the links below to participate in a muffin party on Sunday, March 1.
  2. Download National Muffin Day’s future toolkit to discuss issues related to homelessness and customize the research for your neighborhood.
  3. Share a photo on social media with #givemuffins.

Check out the National Muffin Day website, Facebook event, Facebook page and Instagram for more information. Happy baking (and eating)!

Photo by Hai Nguyen on Unsplash