Congress Must Act to Support Nonprofit Sector

Clare S. Richie Uncategorized 0 Comments

As the Community Foundation and United Way of Greater Atlanta begin to distribute grant awards from our joint Greater Atlanta COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund to support nonprofits helping those most vulnerable to economic and health-related impacts from the pandemic in our region – we need the federal government to step up too.

Please call on Congress to include $60 B in economic relief for nonprofits in their COVID-19 stimulus packages. United Way Worldwide provides an easy way to message your Member of Congress and Senators. Click here to ask for 1) an immediate infusion of $60 billion in capital for charitable nonprofits to allow us to maintain operations and address increasing demands, 2) a payroll tax credit that puts charities and their employees on equal footing with business and 3) a universal charitable tax deduction to incentivize private charitable donations.

In times of crisis, nonprofits are on the front lines delivering food, shelter, medical care and other critical services, serving communities across the country— but need additional large scale funding to continue doing so.

Nonprofits are also made up workers – our friends and neighbors – who are also trying to stay financially stable during the pandemic.  According to the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, more than 10 percent of the private workforce in Georgia are employed by nonprofits.

Raise your voice today to support $60B in federal funding for the nonprofit sector – so nonprofits can continue helping our most vulnerable community members make it through this pandemic. Click here to learn more.