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Arts, culture and creativity enhance the lives and the work of people and communities. We value the work of the arts because they are the reflection of who we have been and who we are becoming, as individuals and as a culture. At the same time, the arts keep us connected to our community and to each other. The arts bring us together and help us understand our world through a new lens and often from a different point of view. We live in a time when we are extraordinarily connected with other people, cultures and economies, and the arts help us more authentically understand each other and make sense of our world. Finally, the arts offer incomparable opportunities to experience joy.  

In the Atlanta region, our artistic vitality continues to grow and expand as do our communities. Our region’s artists—and the small and midsized arts organizations that are the closest to them—are an essential regional asset. On any given day, you can see a play or hear a concert, view exhibitions of visual arts or attend a film festival; hear spoken word or attend a classical ballet in venues across the region. While creativity and discovery is what we experience as an audience, behind each event is a team of individuals driving the production, supporting the artists, marketing the productions, working the financials and ensuring that we all hear about the event.

The Arts Fund provides strategic funds for the unrestricted operating costs of arts organizations.  The goal is to support and strengthen arts organizations so that they may attract, serve and build audiences across the Atlanta region. Recent evaluations have revealed that Arts Fund grantees have experienced transformative impacts that include: strengthened artist productions; enhanced organizational unity and effectiveness; increased and diversified revenue; improved communications systems; increased stature and accessibility in the community; greater staff effectiveness and much more, resulting in more stable financial positions -- all for the growing audiences they serve.  

The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta funds arts organizations with annual operating budgets under $2M. Since 1993, the Arts Fund has supported 94 unique arts organizations with 261 general operating grants totaling $12M. In addition to General Operating Support, another vehicle the Community Foundation offers to support small and mid-sized arts organizations in metro Atlanta are capacity building consulting through the Nonprofit Toolbox program.

2016 Grantmaking 

The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund offers general operating support grants to nonprofit organizations in the Foundation’s 23-county service area. Please click here to learn the details of the General Operating Support 2016 Grant Cycle, including guidelines for funding and information on how to apply.



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Capitalization for Arts Organizations


Beginning in 2013, Arts Fund is working with the Nonprofit Finance Fund and Grantmakers in the Arts to have conversations with local arts funders and organizations on what it means to be fully-capitalized and the importance of following a business plan that produces an operating surplus.

Throughout the year, we will be meeting with funders, organizations and corporate leaders to continue this conversation, to build knowledge about the national effort to educate the field on becoming well-capitalized and to open dialogue on how we can address the fundamental under-capitalization of the field.

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