Nonprofit Effectiveness

Equipping the region’s nonprofits with the management and financial resources to effectively manage operations and high-performing programs.

Joy from Within

At the Community Foundation, we understand nonprofits. After all, we are one. And we understand that smart nonprofits that run effectively make philanthropic investment joyful.

Effective organizations exhibit strengths across five areas: clear mission and purpose; volunteer and staff leadership; decision-making and strategy; strong financial, governance and program development practices and policies; and the ability to advocate for themselves and their clients.

High-functioning nonprofits develop, implement and evaluate themselves and their programs via strategic plans, which align resources toward achieving organizational goals and measurable results. These nonprofits also have long-term stability, realized through cash reserves. The Foundation helps to ensure that Atlanta’s nonprofits have the tools, financial resources and know-how to successfully achieve operational and programmatic goals that accomplish their missions.

We’ll measure progress by tracking the percentage of nonprofits:

  • That have strategic plans with metrics to measure results
  • With at least three months’ cash reserve
  • Decreasing energy expenses
nonprofit organizations in metro Atlanta
0% of
ended 2014 with less than three months of cash
awarded in 2016 to help nonprofits succeed

Current Grant Opportunities

In July 2018, the Community Foundation launched a partnership with Catchafire to offer approximately 350 local organizations access to an online platform that connects nonprofits with skilled volunteers on everything from retreat planning, membership strategy, graphic design projects to data collection planning, Salesforce training and proposal letter creation. Projects range from one-hour phone calls to projects that take several weeks to complete. Help your team go further
All too often, nonprofits make sacrifices in order to accommodate more pressing, mission-driven needs. That’s why Extra Wish matches the “wishes” of nonprofit organizations with donors interested in making a contribution. This unique giving opportunity provides monetary and in-kind contributions of tangible goods or infrastructure (not services or staff) that contribute in a clear way to the success of organizations and the people they serve. Practical makes perfect
A General Operating Support (GOS) grant provides a nonprofit with unrestricted funding to help support and maintain the organization as it pursues its mission. This type of grant is flexible and gives grantees the ability to use the funds where they’re most appropriate. Several of the Community Foundation’s competitive grantmaking programs are focused on providing general operating support—including Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund, Atlanta AIDS Fund and the Common Good FundThink generally
In 1984, the Community Foundation launched its Managing for Excellence Award competition. This prestigious annual award is presented to a local organization that exhibits outstanding nonprofit management — including board and staff engagement, sound fiscal health, mission driven operations and, of course, commitment to excellence. In addition to the award package itself, winners receive exposure as a nonprofit leader and create connections with potential donors. Apply Now
The Community Foundation promises to invest in the region’s nonprofits with management and financial resources that equip them to effectively manage operations and high-performing programs. These consulting awards help nonprofits to function better, smarter and more efficiently. Get the Tools You Need
The Foundation’s Strategic Restructuring Fund provides funds as well as management consulting services to support nonprofits as they assess, negotiate, design and/or implement substantive strategic restructuring efforts—all to promote more effective operations and high-performing programs based on community needs and assets. Celebrate Change

To Learn More About Nonprofit
Effectiveness, Please Contact:

Lita Pardi
Director, Resource Deployment

Hannah O’Neil
Program Assistant