Atlanta Public Arts Legacy Fund

Conserving the fabric of Atlanta, one work of art at a time.

Art That Exists for Us All

Public art located throughout Atlanta is an enduring legacy of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Take a look around the city, and you’ll see it. Integrated into high-profile public spaces throughout the former Olympic Ring, a wide range of intriguing permanent sculptures enlivens the landscape and atmosphere of downtown. For residents and visitors alike, these works offer a rich experience for understanding the city’s history, while finding moments of personal and collective joy.

Forever linked to a pivotal moment in time, this array of public art also represents expressions of both history and future aspirations. Many of the sculptures have clear historic themes, from Atlanta’s railroad origins, to its post-Civil War rebirth, to civil rights leaders of recent decades. Others focus on ideas and themes of the human condition. Collectively, they constitute a cultural asset to be prized and preserved.

The Atlanta Public Arts Legacy Fund was established at the Community Foundation in 1997 with seed money from the Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA). These funds now assure appropriate ongoing care and provide education and advocacy for public art in the city. This partnership with the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs helps to fund conservation and maintenance of public sculpture and monuments in downtown Atlanta.

For more information about Atlanta Public Arts Legacy Fund, please contact:

Lisa Cremin
Director, Community Advancement

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Be a Tourist in Your Own City

An adventure in heritage awaits you – we encourage you to enjoy Atlanta’s stunning and diverse array of public art. To design your own custom walking tour, visit the City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs website for a searchable sculpture list with photos, descriptions and locations for each piece.