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The Community Foundation offers a wide range of competitive financial grants to nonprofit organizations in our 23-county metro Atlanta area. That support takes place through multiple programs, including our annual general operating support grantmaking cycle, as well as programs and partnerships focused on specific areas of interest and need. In addition to financial grants, the Foundation provides consulting and management assistance.

A Place to Perform provides grants to nonprofit arts organizations to assist them in gaining access to performance venues, so they can produce performing arts experiences for the public. Made possible by a gift from the Woodruff Arts Center after the 2014 sale of Atlanta’s 14th Street Playhouse, A Place to Perform continues to support the spirit of the original venue by ensuring performing arts organizations have access to performing venues and facilities. Peek Behind the Curtain
The Community Foundation is proud to have been an early supporter of HIV/AIDS initiatives, making our first grant to the cause in 1981. Despite tremendous progress since that time, the challenges of HIV/AIDS still remain, particularly in our Atlanta region. The Atlanta AIDS Fund was created in 1991 to support metro Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS advocacy, prevention education and service efforts through funding and leadership. See the Revolution in Action
In July 2018, the Community Foundation launched a partnership with Catchafire to offer approximately 350 local organizations access to an online platform that connects nonprofits with skilled volunteers on everything from retreat planning, membership strategy, graphic design projects to data collection planning, Salesforce training and proposal letter creation. Projects range from one-hour phone calls to projects that take several weeks to complete. Help your team go further
Since 2013, the Foundation has offered the Civic Engagement Fund, an opportunity for nonprofit organizations implementing civic engagement strategies. From community education and training, to research, discussion and debate, the Foundation’s Civic Engagement Fund supports the broad range of activities that can advance public will. Get Engaged
All too often, nonprofits make sacrifices in order to accommodate more pressing, mission-driven needs. That’s why Extra Wish matches the “wishes” of nonprofit organizations with Community Foundation donors interested in making a contribution. This unique giving opportunity for our donors provides monetary and in-kind contributions of tangible goods or infrastructure (not services or staff) that contribute in a clear way to the success of organizations and the people they serve. Practical Makes Perfect
Inspired by the lifetime legacy of giving of David and Frances Brain, the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund supports nonprofits that benefit enhance the well-being of individuals living in Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties, with a focus on primary needs and underserved communities. Celebrate Legacy.
A General Operating Support (GOS) grant provides a nonprofit with unrestricted funding to help support and maintain the organization as it pursues its mission. This type of grant is flexible and gives grantees the ability to use the funds where they’re most appropriate. Several of the Community Foundation’s competitive grantmaking programs are focused on providing general operating support—including Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund, Atlanta AIDS Fund and the Common Good Fund. Think Generally
The Metropolitan Arts Fund provides strategic funds to support and strengthen small and midsized arts organizations so that they may attract, serve and build audiences across the Atlanta region. Since 1993, the Arts Fund has supported 78 unique arts organizations with 265 general operating support grants totaling $12.2 million. Express Yourself
Neighborhood Fund builds upon grassroots ideas, energy and passion to empower community members to improve their neighborhoods. Since 1991, more than 700 neighborhood projects have received an estimated $3,000,000 in grants and technical assistance to support community organizing, neighborhood gardens, youth fitness activities, cultural events and more. Go Local
The Community Foundation promises to invest in the region’s nonprofits with management and financial resources to equip them to effectively manage operations and high-performing programs. Explore Effectiveness
The State Farm Education Assist Fund is being launched in 2018 to build safer, stronger and better educated communities in South DeKalb. The fund provides mini-grants (grants of $1,500 or less) to South DeKalb community groups and nonprofit organizations taking an active role in strengthening and improving their communities. The fund is administered by a select group of promising young State Farm Scholars from the South DeKalb area who are currently attending Georgia State University’s Perimeter College and have a passion for giving back to their home community. Be A Good Neighbor
The Foundation’s Strategic Restructuring Fund provides financial grants as well as management consulting services to support nonprofits as they assess, negotiate, design and/or implement substantive strategic restructuring efforts—all to promote more effective operations and high-performing programs based on community needs and assets. Funding for this project comes from the Foundation’s Common Good Fund. Celebrate Change

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Thank you for your interest in the Foundation’s grant programs. Information about 2020 grant cycles will be posted in March through May.

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