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AAFlogoThe Atlanta AIDS Fund is a partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Jeffrey Fashion Cares and the Allen Thornell HIV Care and Service Fund.

The Community Foundation was a pioneer of HIV/AIDS philanthropy, making our first grant in 1981, when the disease was still known as GRID (Gay Related Immune Disease). The Atlanta AIDS Fund was created in 1991 to support metro Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS advocacy, prevention education and service efforts through funding and leadership.

Since then, the world has made tremendous progress in the care and prevention of HIV/AIDS. But challenges still persist, particularly in our Atlanta region. New HIV infections have concentrated among people of color and those who are poor, homeless, incarcerated, have other health challenges, have unprotected sex and/or use drugs. Their infections are more likely to progress to AIDS because these communities historically have little or no access to health care.

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Alyssa Cobbs
Program Officer, Strong Families

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2020 Grant Cycle Timeline

Thank you for your interest in this program. Information about 2020 grant cycles will be available in 2020.

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The Atlanta AIDS Fund offers restricted operating support for organizations that have a clear HIV/AIDS (intervention, prevention, care and advocacy) component to their work, but not necessarily stated in their missions. Organizations working in affected communities and using input from people living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS to design and implement programs will be prioritized. Neighborhood-based organizations, those supported by the faith community and smaller organizations are encouraged to apply. Grants will range from $10,000 to $75,000 per 12-month period and may be awarded for 12 or 24 months; requests can represent no more than 25% of the HIV/AIDS program budget. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Organizations providing HIV/AIDS programming whose budgets range from $40,000 to $100,000 are eligible to apply and must have at least one part-time paid employee for the 12 months prior to submitting an application (please note that contractors or consultants do not count to-ward this requirement). We define part-time employees as those working at least 20 hours per week paid minimum wage or more and classified as a W-2 employee;
  • HIV/AIDS program budget must be delineated within the organization’s budget;
  • Organizations with budgets greater than $100,000 must have at least one dedicated salaried HIV/AIDS program staff (no contractors/consultants);
  • Organizations with budgets less than $100,000 may submit internal financial statements;
  • HIV/AIDS programs must be detailed in the organization’s strategic plan; and
  • Programs/activities must be Evidence Based Interventions (EBIs), Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBIs) or be innovative in nature and provide a research-based hypothesis on why they are effective.
  • Organizations targeting communities with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS are encouraged to apply. Atlanta area zip codes with the highest HIV/AIDS rates (30303, 30308, 30314, 30324, 30310, 30336, 30312, 30309, 30318) are a high priority;
  • AIDS United’s Southern HIV Impact Fund grantees in metro Atlanta are encouraged to apply;
  • Applicants are encouraged to refer to the Fulton County AIDS Task Force for recommended best practices on addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic (; and
  • Beginning in 2020, all AIDS Fund applicants must have filed end-of grant reports for any prior AIDS Fund grants in order to be eligible for funding.

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The Atlanta AIDS Fund represents a collaborative funding partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, United Way of Greater Atlanta, Jeffrey Fashion Cares and the Allen Thornell HIV Care and Service Fund.

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