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“I wanted the Community Foundation to know that we are grateful for this opportunity and already have and will continue to utilize Catchafire for as long as it is available to us. It is such an amazing resource for us both in terms of tangible projects, and just as important, access to experts in fields in which we don’t have expertise.” – Saskia Benjamin, ART PAPERS

To be strong and effective, nonprofits must invest in themselves and their operations, but they often have limited dollars to do so. In July 2018, the Community Foundation launched a partnership with Catchafire to offer approximately 350 local organizations access to an online platform that connects nonprofits with skilled volunteers on everything from retreat planning, membership strategy, graphic design projects to data collection planning, Salesforce training and proposal letter creation. Projects range from one-hour phone calls to projects that take several weeks to complete.

In the first year

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The Community Foundation’s Catchafire slots for the 2019-2020 program year have been filled. Additional slots will not be available until July 2020; however, nonprofits can indicate their interest in Catchafire by completing the interest form below.

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For more information about grants for Catchafire,
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Hannah Klemm
Program Assistant

Lauren Jeong
Program Associate

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