Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund

Celebrating a legacy of giving

Inspired by the lifetime legacy of giving by David and Frances Brain, the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund supports nonprofits that benefit vulnerable and underserved communities. The Fund addresses primary needs – clothing, early childhood education, food, healthcare and shelter – to enhance the well-being of individuals living in metro Atlanta counties.

Formerly known as the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation, the Fund also continues to further its mission in Kentucky and in Maine. Please find below the 2018 guidelines outlining eligibility and application directions for Atlanta and Kentucky nonprofit organizations seeking support. For nonprofit organizations based in Maine, please visit the Maine Community Foundation.

For more information about grants through the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, please contact:

Erin Drury Boorn
Senior Philanthropic Officer

David and Frances Brain

Happily married for 68 years, David Brain and Frances Hollis Brain were high school sweethearts from Cleveland, Ohio. During their life together, their love, support and care for each other was obvious to everyone they met and they prized a balance of family, community, church and self. Their family lived in Baltimore, Boston and Kentucky, but a common thread was always the spirit of giving. They believed that those who are blessed with resources have a responsibility to share them with those who are less fortunate.

David and Frances created the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation in 1993 as a tangible expression of their values and to encourage future generations of the family to make a difference through philanthropy. Frances passed away in 2012 and David joined her in 2016. The foundation transitioned to become the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund as a celebration of their legacy of giving.

2019 Grant Cycle Timeline

Check back for 2019 deadlines and guidelines in December 2018.

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Eligibility & Application Materials

Frances Hollis Brain Fund Guidelines

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