Grants to Green

Helping nonprofits save two kinds of resources—the environment and operating expenses.


Thank you for your interest in Grants to Green. After 10 years of service, we are transitioning the Grants to Green program to Southface Institute. The Community Foundation, in collaboration with the Kendeda Fund and Southface, has built a strong legacy through this program, with over 200 nonprofits making energy and water upgrades totaling nearly $10 million in utilities savings over the last decade. We want to thank our partners and Advisory Board members who helped create and grow Grants to Green into the impactful program it is today.

We are excited to announce that moving forward, Southface will build on this amazing legacy, continuing to grow and support nonprofits and communities with this inspirational work. In its new home, the program will continue with the same services and impacts but with a brand-new name: GoodUse Grants.

We look forward to supporting this work and nonprofits throughout the Southeast, as Southface continues to build capacity within these groups by investing in resource efficiency. Please click here for more information about GoodUse Grants or contact Southface staff directly at: or 404-604-3625.

Concrete Impact

in utility savings since program inception
have gone green with Grants to Green
in annual savings by nonprofits