Grants to Green

Helping nonprofits save two kinds of resources—the environment and operating expenses.

Reimagining Nonprofit Facilities

G2G_Color_lrgAll too often, the buildings occupied by nonprofits are aging structures with inefficient equipment. Grants to Green helped to transform the nonprofit sector by encouraging nonprofits to renovate, expand or construct buildings that were energy- and water-efficient.

This innovative partnership between the Community Foundation, the Kendeda Fund and Southface gave metro Atlanta nonprofits the opportunity to renovate or build greener work places that were energy- and water-efficient—all with the ultimate goal of improving a nonprofit organization’s building structure and saving money.

In 2014, Grants to Green was replicated nationally, with initiatives in Dubuque, Iowa and Maine.

Concrete Impact

in utility savings since program inception
have gone green with Grants to Green
in annual savings by nonprofits

Grant Cycle Timeline

Thank you for your interest in Grants to Green. After 10 years of service, the Grants to Green program will no longer be offered by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. We are proud that over 200 nonprofits participated in the program, which generated over $8 million in utility savings. We want to thank our partners and advisory board members who helped make Grants to Green great! Please click here to learn about our other grant programs.


Each year, the Community Foundation brought the Green Champions from each organization together during Southface’s annual Greenprints Conference. This was an opportunity for Green Champions to network and further their knowledge of environmental sustainability.


Volunteers and Partners

Grants to Green represented a partnership between the Community Foundation, which provides grantmaking expertise and nonprofit community knowledge, Southface, which provided expertise on sustainability and the Kendeda Fund, which provided funding and the driving passion for the initiative. All partners contributed to nonprofit education, events, monitoring and evaluation.

Grants to Green was governed by an Advisory Committee that provided consultation, input and perspective on the Grants to Green program.

  • Barry Berlin, Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management
  • Kim Ajy, R2T, INC.
  • Timothy Block, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Ralph Edwards, EBS Property Investments, LLC
  • David S. Godfrey, DOAS State Purchasing Division
  • Ciannat Howett, Emory University
  • Steve Leeds, Sustainability Consultants, LLC, Of Counsel, Rogers & Hardin, LLP
  • Beth Lowry, Holder Construction Company
  • Henry Slack, Mechanical Engineer
  • Liz York, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

For more information about existing grants from Grants to Green, please contact:

Lita Ugarte Pardi
Director, Resource Deployment

Hannah Klemm
Program Assistant