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Arts, culture and creativity enhance the lives and the work of people and communities.

A Reflection of Us

At the Community Foundation, we value the work of the arts because they reflect who we have been and who we’re becoming—as individuals and as a culture. Throughout the Atlanta region, the arts connect communities of geography and communities of interest.

In particular, small and midsized organizations are core to the rhythm and vibrancy of Atlanta. They show new work, incubate ideas and embrace the diversity of people. They offer safe places for experimentation. They add to countless micro-economies throughout the city. And they also sometimes struggle to pay artist and administrators a living wage and keep the doors open and the lights on, even as they offer such a valuable resource for our area.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund focuses on 100+ small and midsized arts groups in the Atlanta area with an operating budget of less than $2 million. The Arts Fund provides strategic funds to support and strengthen small and midsized arts organizations so that they may attract, serve and build audiences across the Atlanta region.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund is the only independent endowed fund exclusively for the arts in the greater Atlanta area. Historically, the fund has focused on supporting small and midsized arts groups to support and strengthen their work to attract, serve and build bigger and more diverse audiences.

Many arts organizations are struggling due to the impacts of COVID-19 due to revenue losses, event cancellations, declines in audience participation and more. The Community Foundation strongly believes that the arts are always vital to our region’s culture and economy, as well as to people’s spirits. 2020 Arts Fund grants will provide general operating support grants with priority given to organizations that have been adversely impacted by COVID-19.

In previous years these funds have been made available through our General Operating Support grant process over a single grant cycle process spanning multiple months; however, the Community Foundation recognizes that arts organizations need flexible, nimble support during these urgent times. The Foundation intends to provide a more streamlined application and grant reward process in hopes of addressing both immediate and longer-term strategic needs. While it remains difficult to predict the long-term effects of the current public health situation on Atlanta’s arts ecosystem, the Foundation remains committed to supporting the organizations and artists that have made and will continue to make Atlanta a creative and vibrant city.

The Arts Fund is grateful for the support of many contributors including the Fulton County Arts & Culture’s support of this program. The Arts Fund was established by over 100 donors who have built the over $10 million endowment fund.

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2020 Grant Cycle Timeline

This program has no deadlines. Applications will be reviewed twice a month and applicants will be notified of funding decisions within three weeks. Please reference the schedule below for details. The website will be updated and the application taken offline when this funding opportunity is no longer available.

Eligibility and Application Materials


2020 Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund Application

For more information about grants from Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund, please contact:

Katrina DeBerry
Program Officer, Thriving Communities

Anna Theodore
Program Associate, Thriving Communities

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