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Creating Connections

At the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, we create meaningful, lasting connections between you and the causes and issues you care about most. We respect that you’re contributing your time, talent and treasure to serve others. That’s why we’re committed to helping those contributions do more. Reach further. Last longer. And make a difference for the people of the metro Atlanta area—now, and for generations to come.

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Our Services

For more than 65 years, the Community Foundation’s personalized, concierge service to donors like you helps make the wisest possible investments to improve the well-being of our region. We provide you and your family with personalized services and deep, expert-level knowledge about the issues affecting our community and beyond—and the organizations working to address them.

Philanthropic Services

Your Philanthropic Officer

At the Community Foundation, we understand that you’re unique. So are your goals. Your passions. That’s why, when you become a donor, you receive a dedicated philanthropic officer.

Your officer serves as your personal guide to your philanthropic journey. He or she helps you create a giving plan, finds nonprofits that match your interests, and coordinates the disbursement of your grant recommendations.

Of course, we understand that many donors have financial advisors to help with investment choices; and our team works with your financial advisor to define, determine and achieve all your charitable goals.

Meet the Philanthropy Team
Philanthropic management and administrativeservices

Administrative Support

The Community Foundation takes care of the administrative back-office, so you can focus on what matters most: the joy of giving.

  • IRS reporting for charitable gifts
  • Inclusion in the Foundation’s audit and tax return
  • Management, due diligence and oversight of all grantmaking processes
  • Quarterly statements with updates on grantmaking and investment returns
  • Convenient online tools to access and monitor your fund

The Donor Experience

As a Community Foundation philanthropist, you’re invited to become involved in the donor experience to the degree that’s right for you. That’s why we offer a wide variety of engagement opportunities designed to guide you in your philanthropic journey—and to help you share in the joy of giving.

Your philanthropy is very personal to you and your family. We also know you may be interested in sharing ideas with other donors and creating strong philanthropic connections. That’s why the Foundation has organized a calendar of opportunities for our donors to learn more about specific issues around giving and the Atlanta region. Please note that these events are open only to our donors, their families, their advisors and those with planned gifts. We hope you’ll join us.
Philanthropy is worth celebrating! Throughout the year, the Community Foundation hosts special opportunities for our donors to learn more about philanthropy and specific issues within the Atlanta region. These events are designed to educate, engage and inspire you! We offer opportunities for donors to connect with Foundation staff, experts in the field and one another – all with the goal of creating greater impact and joy through giving.

Join in the Celebration
Put our knowledge base to work for you. We develop and maintain profiles of hundreds of nonprofit organizations within our metro Atlanta region. We will prepare customized reports for donors who request them as a part of their personalized philanthropic services. Reach out to your philanthropic officer to learn more.
At the Community Foundation, we believe powerful philanthropy strengthens communities. We also know that philanthropy is an especially powerful force in times of crisis. When natural disasters and other crises arise locally and around the world, emergency relief organizations rely on the contributions of donors like you to meet critical needs. As a Foundation philanthropist, you can make a gift from your fund in minutes. Simply contact your philanthropic officer to initiate it.
Extra Wish is an opportunity to make a gift with targeted impact to a worthy nonprofit in our region. Together, the Foundation staff and Board carefully review each request and publish an annual opportunity catalog. From MARTA cards to blankets, binoculars to gardenias, these “wishes” from vetted nonprofit organizations all help nonprofits to better serve people across our region.

Extra Wish Opportunity Catalog
Planet Philanthropy is a unique half-day workshop in which young people explore ideas about giving back to the community. It’s fun. It’s kid-focused. And it plants the seeds for a lifetime of philanthropy.
The Spark Opportunity Giving Circle brings together Community Foundation donors to deepen their understanding and commitment to closing the stark income and opportunity disparities in our region. Spark change.
The Board of Directors Philanthropy Committee is responsible for oversight of the Marketing and Communications and Philanthropy teams. Responsibilities include providing counsel on key fundraising, donor services and marketing/communications strategies, ensuring return on investment under the Foundation’s strategic plan and serving as ambassadors for the Foundation within their circles of influence.

Committee members:

  • Dave Stockert, Chair
  • Frank Bell
  • Jennifer Bennecke
  • Justin Berman
  • Millard Choate
  • Bert Clark
  • Sig Mosley Jr.
  • Jeffrey S. Muir
  • Barbara Bing Pliner
  • Studie Young
  • Susan Grant, ex officio

Atlanta philanthropy

Community Expertise

“Atlanta” isn’t just a city. It’s an entire region of 23 counties—each with its own identity, culture and challenges. That’s why, over the past 65+ years, the Community Foundation has worked through specific initiatives and grantmaking to develop a deep understanding of the issues and needs that are most important to our region. All with the goal of making greater Atlanta…well, greater.

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Philanthropic support and donor education services

Grantmaking Expertise

As a donor, you want to do more than just write a check. You want to make a true impact and see change happen. You want to identify strong nonprofit organizations and invest to solve an issue. We understand. That’s why the Foundation provides education on strategic grantmaking, donor education, public policy and advocacy. We’ll create customized philanthropic plans, identify and prioritize your values, evaluate nonprofit effectiveness and monitor and evaluate your grants.

The Foundation also works closely with you to help you identify strong, effective nonprofit organizations. The best nonprofits feature key management characteristics that help the nonprofit remain sustainable and, ultimately, successful. Because, when it comes to nonprofits, passion is essential. But it’s only the beginning. Let’s get started.

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Want to Be a Donor?

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta gives you the grantmaking and personalization of your own private foundation, along with the tax advantages, flexibility and simplicity of a community foundation. You can choose to give now through our various charitable funds. Or you can choose to give later, through our planned giving options. Either way, we make philanthropy easy and effective. So you can experience the joy of giving.

3 Easy Steps

  • Connector.

    1. Make the Connection

    Contact the foundation to set up an appointment to discuss your charitable objectives. We’ll work with you and your professional advisors to create a plan that meets your needs.

  • Connector.

    2. Create your Gift

    Complete a fund agreement, then make the initial gift to establish your fund. A copy is returned to you and we’ll send a gift acknowledgment letter for your tax records. Or simply sign the Planned Gift Agreement provided by your advisor to create an estate or future gift.

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    3. Feel the Joy

    Here’s where the magic begins! You’ll meet with your philanthropic officer to go over the use of your fund and the services the Foundation offers.

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