A flexible solution for good: Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund

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Diane Bryant and her extended family were at a crossroads – how to fulfill the legacy of their multi-generational family foundation and remain fully engaged amidst the reality of busy schedules and competing priorities for time? Thus, the family began a two-year journey to find the right fit for the changing needs of their philanthropic giving. In 2017, after careful consideration, the family contributed some assets of their foundation into a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation, which became the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund.

The family’s giving intent focuses on primary needs – early childhood development, health, housing and senior care. Diane’s career in social work puts her at the forefront of her community’s needs and helps her navigate the web of connections that help ensure philanthropic dollars go where they are needed most. Today, the family can focus on the joy of giving while the Community Foundation acts as their philanthropic partner. “We want to honor my parents’ legacy long into future generations,” Diane said. “And now we have a full measure of support behind us that allows us to focus on impact, not administration.”

IMPACT: The family finds more joy in their Foundation’s giving now that the Community Foundation helps with administration. In 2017, the Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund granted out more than $144,000 to 23 nonprofits in our region.

This story was originally shared in our 2017 Annual Report. To read the full report, click here.