Partnership with Catchafire lends nonprofits a helping hand

Erin Dreiling Community, Publications 0 Comments

To be strong and effective, nonprofits need to invest in themselves and their operations, but they often have limited dollars to do so. In mid-July the Foundation launched a pilot partnership with Catchafire to offer approximately 350 local organizations access to an online platform that connects nonprofits with skilled volunteers.

Catchafire has more than 100 project templates, including database customization, marketing strategy, financial forecasting and volunteer recruitment. The templates help nonprofits plan their projects and allow prospective volunteers to find projects that align with their skills. The Catchafire platform matches the nonprofits with the right skilled volunteer. Less than halfway through the pilot period, participating nonprofits have shared that Catchafire has allowed them to tackle important projects they didn’t have the funds to implement or had put on the back burner due to capacity issues.

Interested in sharing your skills through Catchafire? To get started, create a volunteer profile at Once your volunteer profile is complete, you can review nonprofits’ needs and apply to work on their projects. Visit to create a profile and/or learn more.

“I wanted the Community Foundation to know that we are grateful for this opportunity and already have and will continue to utilize Catchafire for as long as it is available to us. It is such an amazing resource for us both in terms of tangible projects, and just as important, access to experts in fields in which we don’t have expertise.” – Saskia Benjamin, ART PAPERS


This story originally appeared in The Giving Life, our printed newsletter.