Apply now for Catchafire, a new resource to help your team go further

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We all get stuck, whether it is on completing a partnership pitch, reaching a fundraising goal, implementing a new process improvement or motivating a team of staff or board members. Yet, often the capacity and financial resources to overcome obstacles and experiment with new approaches to work are limited in the nonprofit sector.

To this end, the Foundation launched a partnership with Catchafire in July 2018 to give select nonprofits access to the online platform. It matches a wide variety of project needs to skilled volunteers with the goal of helping organizations overcome challenges and tackle backburner projects.

Catchafire has over 100 types of capacity-building project templates including database customizations, marketing strategy, graphic design, proposal development and financial forecasting. One great feature of the platform is that nonprofits have the opportunity to choose the volunteer they feel is the best fit for the organization’s needs by interviewing up to three prospective volunteers at a time and turning down those who aren’t right for the project. Catchafire has thousands of volunteers on their site, making skilled volunteer recruitment and matching easy while taking away the awkwardness of letting go of volunteers who are not a good match.

Since launching our partnership with Catchafire in July 2018, our nonprofit cohort has saved over $1M in skilled services. Here is what nonprofits have to say about the platform:

  • “We love Catchafire! If we had a question that none of us can answer or need a project done by a person with special skills, we used to spend time brainstorming on how we would get it done. We would ask the board, spend time reaching out to the community, and sometimes complete the query or task. Now we just jump on Catchafire and everything we have asked for help with has had a successful conclusion.” – Stephanie Van Parys, Executive Director, Wylde Center
  • “Catchafire has been an asset for our organization. It was great to work with new writers who were able to breathe fresh life and language into our fundraising and acknowledgement letters.” -Sarah Buckley, Development Officer, Skyland Trail
  • “Catchafire has allowed us to complete projects we have had on our list for a long time but never had the expertise or time to complete.” -Kristen Silton, Development Director, Actor’s Express

Interested in using Catchafire for your nonprofit?
The Foundation is accepting applications from organizations interested in using Catchafire. Interested organizations must apply by Monday, May 20 at noon. A complete application includes an Organizational Profile and Common Grant Application submitted through the Nonprofit Online Portal and a Catchafire Application Supplement.