Catchafire event shows value of platform

Lauren Jeong Community, Events 0 Comments

You know that project your nonprofit wants to do but can never find the time or consultant resources to do it? Marketing strategy, public relations programs, designing IT architecture, creating Human Resources benefits programs, and many other initiatives keep you up at night, but never quite make it to the finish line due to lack of resources. Often, these requests for help are received here at the Community Foundation. However, our discretionary giving grants (those not advised by our donors), are only able to find a small number of requests. That’s why we partnered with Catchafire.

Catchafire is an online platform that helps nonprofits connect with skilled volunteers, expanding capacity to take on back-burner projects and pursue new projects that lead to greater impact. In the first year of our partnership with Catchafire, we granted 350 organizations access to the platform that collectively received 5244 hours of expert volunteer hours and saved more than $1.1 million in services.

The Foundation kicked off year two of our partnership with Catchafire on Tuesday, August 13 with a launch event at CHRIS 180. Catchafire colleagues provided a demo of the platform and L’Arche staff shared their experience using the platform. We were thrilled to have the event supported by Catchafire users: hosts CHRIS 180, catering by Good Measure Meals and interpreted by Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s new interpretation service.

Organizations not invited to the Foundation’s year two cohort are encouraged to put their name on the Foundation’s Catchafire waitlist for additional slots.