Achieve Atlanta

Helping more Atlanta students get to and through college.

Believe. Expect. Achieve.

Achieve Atlanta believes every Atlanta Public School (APS) student deserves the opportunity to complete postsecondary education and obtain the full benefits that a higher education provides. Achieve Atlanta’s mission is to help APS students access, afford and earn postsecondary credentials.

How It Works

Achieve Atlanta focuses on getting more students to—and through—college by:

• Increasing college access
• Removing financial barriers for students
• Supporting college persistence and completion

College Access

Achieve Atlanta provides high school students with hands-on assistance to complete the necessary steps to enroll in college including: researching college options, completing applications, understanding and applying for financial aid and starting the transition from high school to life at college.

The Achieve Atlanta Scholarship

The Achieve Atlanta scholarship is a need-based award designed to support APS students pursuing various post-secondary paths after high school. When combined with other possible sources of financial aid, the Achieve Atlanta scholarship should greatly reduce the need for students and families to take out high-interest, private loans to pay for school.

College Success

As Achieve Atlanta works to dramatically increase the number of APS students graduating from college, the organization is partnering with post-secondary institutions and college success experts to offer direct support and advising services to students on campuses throughout Georgia.


Founding Partners

Achieve Atlanta was created in 2014 through an innovative partnership between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation and Atlanta Public Schools.

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