Extra Wish

Little wishes that make a big difference.

Practical Makes Perfect

While our focus is on investing in the long-term success of a nonprofit, the Community Foundation knows that sometimes organizations also need help with smaller items that don’t fit into a traditional funding stream. We understand. After all, we’re a nonprofit too.

Many of our donors are looking for a variety of ways to support and learn about nonprofits in the region. That’s where the Extra Wish program comes in. Extra Wish provides monetary contributions for tangible goods that contribute in a clear way to the success of organizations and the people served. Extra Wish matches these “wishes” of nonprofit organizations with donors interested in making a contribution through an annual opportunity catalog for our donors.

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For more information about receiving an Extra Wish for your nonprofit, please contact:

Hannah Klemm
Program Assistant

Wishes Granted

Wish come true: Telemetry collars and receivers and night vision scopes ($4,868)

Zoo Atlanta aims to inspire all of its visitors to value our planet’s diverse wildlife and achieves this goal by educating patrons. To assist in its hands-on educational experiences, Zoo Atlanta requested equipment including telemetry collars and receivers and night vision scopes. This equipment will allow children to observe wildlife movement in the dark and enrich their educational experience at the zoo.

Wish come true: Tandem axle cargo trailer ($4,860)

The Atlanta Community Toolbank is the only organization that lends tools to fellow nonprofits in Metro Atlanta, equipping volunteers to do more. With the right equipment, volunteers have build homes, planted gardens and repaired communities. In 2017, the organization requested a cargo trailer, which would allow them to easily transport vital tools for larger projects.


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Information about 2020 grant cycles will be available in May 2020.

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