Neighborhood Fund

Helping communities build on their own strengths and assets.

The New Grassroots

The Neighborhood Fund builds upon locally grown ideas, energy and passion to empower community members to improve their neighborhoods. From grants that support civic activism to those that generate new cultural events or green spaces, the Neighborhood Fund is committed to helping grassroots leaders drive social change.

Making a difference in a community requires the motivation and leadership of the residents who live in that community. The Neighborhood Fund’s approach to grantmaking is to support the development of neighborhood leadership, bridging the gap between planning, implementation and longer-term community action.

The Neighborhood Fund provides grants and coaching to resident-led groups (who may or may not be registered nonprofits) seeking to impact their community at the local level.

For more information about Neighborhood Fund grants, please contact

Mindy Kao
Program Associate

27 Years of Small Grants for Neighborhoods

grants awarded
million+ dollars in awards and coaching
residents received leadership training

2020 Grant Cycle Timeline

Information about 2020 grant cycles will be available in May 2020.

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